Not All Systems Operational (nearly there!) Refreshed 01 minutes 50 seconds ago

Mostly Restored

We expect the domain to be back online before the start of next week, all other services are currently active.

In the mean time you can access the site via the or domains.

Thank you for your patience and support during this difficult time.

Crispy Hardware Failure

Our main edge server appears to have been destroyed in a fire at the hosting company's datacenter. The site's database is not hosted at this location and therefore is unaffected by this unfortunate event.

Unfortunately the core server for both the Jerking and Fapping imagehosts were also at this datacenter and the fire occurred approximately 23 hours after they had performed their last backup, thus we have lost those images.

Sources tell us that no hamsters were harmed during the fire.

Reuters Article here.

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Tracker Online

Jerking Imagehost Offline

Fapping Imagehost Offline

IRC Online





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help channel: #empornium-help
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